SUCCESSSUccessful Caregiver Communication and Everyday Situation Support in dementia care

SUCCESS (SUccessful Caregiver Communication and Everyday Situation Support in dementia care) provides an innovative training and coaching application on a mobile device to support formal and informal caregivers of people with dementia.

The SUCCESS app aims to help caregivers better understand dementia and related behaviors and learn communication methods grounded on the principle that opinions and needs of people with dementia should be acknowledged, respected, and addressed. Different content types are provided to support different learning styles and usage contexts. In addition to articles and videos, the app also provides virtual training lectures and role-plays through the use of an affective avatar. Role-plays allow caregivers to reflect on their behavior in specific situations and thus to learn how to appropriately interact with people with dementia. Taking the role of a virtual trainer, the avatar also assists caregivers in focusing on the remaining abilities of the person with dementia, thereby, helping to support their continued engagement in meaningful activities. In addition, the avatar also acts as a well-being coach to help ensuring that caregivers remain as resilient as possible by encouraging them to actively engage in individualized self-care activities.

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